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Get to know us:

Lori is the Owner and Founder of Upstate Wellness. She began Upstate Wellness because of her passion and love for healthy eating and believe that a healthy diet can change your life.  Fostered by a background in culinary arts and after earning her certification as a Health Counselor from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she holds health and wellness classes, workshops and group meditations throughout the community.  

Through workshops, individual sessions and retreats, Lori empowers and inspires clients to take control of their health. Together we will plan, set and achieve attainable goals. With nutritional planning, mindfulness practice, and stress-reduction techniques Lori believes these foster healthy, positive, lasting changes to create a more balanced lifestyle. 

Lori Goldsmith
Certified Health Counselor
Lyle Fair, CPC
Certified Life Coach

I am the Co-founder of Upstate Wellness and a Certified Life Coach. My goal is to create an environment that encourages clients to look deeper inside themselves, find answers or direction they may have otherwise overlooked. I think most people are surprised to realize they have all the right answers for any situation but just need a little coaching in the right direction to bring about positive change. I have helped a number of people realize their own true potential and push past obstacles.


Life has many transitions, whether it be a divorce, bereavement, relationships, career, retirement , spiritual/mental health,  physical health or financial, making us feel "stuck".  With patience, guidance, and encouragement throughout the transition process we will create a plan, set goals, and provide a stage for moving in a positive direction, allowing you to thrive during unpredictable and difficult transitions. My love for helping others makes what once seemed impossible possible, sending clients away with the tools and strategies they need to move forward. 

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