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               Health Counseling

Like a nutritionist, health counseling targets dietary changes to encourage a healthier lifestyle and to combat chronic illness or disease. A health counselor, however, utilizes a more ‘full-picture’ approach, allowing for heightened well-being in all dimensions of wellness. Integrating not only a healthier diet, but a lifestyle, health counseling provides insight and guidance every step of the way: managing relationships, budgeting, time management, and meal planning. Either one-on-one or in a group setting, we teach you the skills needed to improve not only your body, but your mind and spirit.


Working with a health counselor, you will...
- increase energy

- set and accomplish goals

- learn to “bounce back” if you fall off-course

- reduce stress through meditation

- plan meals and incorporate energy boosting foods into your diet

- incorporate “superfoods” into healthy eating





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Healthy Green Smoothies
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